A Christmas message with meaning

17th November 2022 by Philippa Probert

It’s something we wait eagerly for…the first glimpse of Christmas adverts on the TV. It almost symbolises the start of Christmas. But one thing we’re seeing more and more of is ads with a deeper message than just ‘Christmas’.

Take this year’s John Lewis advert for example. Titled ‘The Beginner’ it has all the elements of a ‘typical’ Christmas advert…Christmas trees, people getting together to celebrate the festive season, but there is a much deeper message being highlighted.

John Lewis teamed up with two charities which specialise in looking after and helping children in the care system; Action for Care and Who Cares? Scotland.

It definitely made us at Active PR stop and think about the children in the care system who won’t be with family this Christmas. It could be seen as a bold move as brands move away from shining the light on their own products, to putting much more meaningful messages in the spotlight.

But surely there must be some benefit to brands such as John Lewis to take this approach rather than promoting their own products? Of course. They are seen as a brand that cares. They know that their reach and audience across the media and social media is huge and even if it gets one family thinking about adopting or fostering a child, then it’s worked.

Today, PR isn’t all about selling a product or service. Companies want to show that they do good too. Especially when this year many families will be struggling due to the cost of living crisis.

We work with numerous clients who make conscious efforts to support local communities and charities with monetary donations and acts of kindness. Our work with them means they can fully engage with people who are in need of help or support. One of the best things about working in PR isn’t necessarily the everyday press release writing, media liaison or even event management, it’s speaking to and getting to know about charities who do good.

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