What role does PR play in shaping a brand?

4th June 2024 by Philippa Probert

As public relations professionals we work on a variety of activities aimed at building and maintaining a positive reputation for our clients. This includes enhancing brand awareness. But how do we help to shape public perception of a client’s brand and why is it important?

One of the best ways to create a strong brand identity is to share USPs and show consumers why they should choose your company over others. This message should be reinforced consistently across all communications, including via press releases, on social media and in any paid for advertising. It can also be enhanced by hosting events – either with consumers or, if the target is other businesses, then through networking events.

Building positive consumer interest is another way we can help shape brands. We’ve helped businesses stand out by developing long-term PR campaigns that showcase their social values. As we predominately work within property, this includes managing community funds and creating campaigns to inspire the next generation into the industry.

Loyalty is built on trust so if you can grow consumer confidence then this will work wonders for your brand. Sharing positive stories about your company and its people, for example volunteer work, company milestones, staff news like promotions and awards, will all help to establish a personality behind the brand.

As PR professionals we have cultivated strong relationships with journalists and this is essential for media coverage. Earned media in reputable publications will raise your brand to new heights.

We can help you to create a lasting and positive image so if you want to know more, email beinspired@activepr.co.uk

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