Are you using social media for business? And if not, why not?

7th September 2022 by Natalie Tomlinson

We are living in a world where people like to share… thoughts, ideas, opinions, holiday pictures, and even what they’ve had for tea, I am of course talking about social media.

From Twitter to TikTok, Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest to LinkedIn we can’t escape social media.

According to Statista* in February 2022 there were 57.6 million active social media users in the UK.

So, my question, if you aren’t using social media for your business – then why not?

With an audience of 57.6 million people in the UK alone, just think of all the potential new business your posts could generate.

Now, I’m not suggesting you sign up to every platform (not every platform will be suitable for your business) but first stop is to find out what social media your customers are using.

If you are using more than one platform, you’ll need to adapt your content to each; look at the difference between posts on Twitter to those on LinkedIn.

Not only can social media sell your products / services, but it also gives potential customers the chance to get to know you – the person behind the business.

Our final piece of advice is to ensure whatever you are posting is quality content (resulting in interaction or web page visits). Don’t rush it, plan what you want to say and when and, most importantly, don’t just post for the sake of posting! 

Social media is one of our fortes and we help clients across all sectors to engage on social media. So if you would like a hand then drop us a message – you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

*• Social media penetration UK 2022 | Statista

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