A picture is worth a thousand words – the importance of photography in PR

4th May 2022 by Natalie Tomlinson

When thinking about your PR plans, do you have all the essential information – what are your key messages? What social media platforms do you want to use? Do you want to hold any events?

Did you think about photography?

Photography can often be overlooked, but as the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words.

When trying to get a story published in the media, an editor is far more likely to run an article which is accompanied by a good photograph.

And I stress the word GOOD. Out of focus, blurred or photographs showing the back of someone’s head will not make it out of Outlook.  

During my days as a news reporter, my editor, who had space to fill in his paper, would often choose articles that weren’t the best – but the photographs were!

In public relations a picture is worth its weight in gold.

With today’s technology a still image captured on your mobile can be impressive and for social media you may be able to get away with it.

But to really sell you / your business, it’s worth talking to a professional. Booking a photographer is an added expense but it will ensure your picture (and with it your story) won’t be ‘binned’ when it reaches the news desk.

Now… are you ready for your close up?!

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Six reasons successful PR is a marathon not a sprint

23rd March 2022 by Linda Bright

On Sunday, April 3, I’ll be lacing up my trainers to run the Manchester Marathon, 26.2 miles of pounding the streets. I’ve trained hard and I’m hoping experience (it’s my 10th marathon) and resilience will get me through.

Training time = thinking time and this week, as I continued to run but much shorter distances, my thoughts turned to how working in public relations is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Here’s why:

  • PR is not a magic formula that can create instant success. Just like running, it takes a strategic combination of experience, skill, timing, hard work and a sprinkling of luck.
  • PR is all about building long-term relationships – with clients, journalists, influencers etc. It’s a slow burn not a quick fix.
  • Just like a marathon training schedule, the most successful PR strategies lay down a solid groundwork in the early stages and build on it gradually over time.
  • Good planning is crucial and it’s important to have short, medium and long-term goals.
  • Being flexible is very important. Just as training runs don’t always go to plan – my own were impacted by work, travel, family life and illness – so too PR strategies can sometimes be derailed. The trick is knowing how to adapt and when and where you can compromise.
  • Be thorough and cover all bases! Just as the best marathon training plan integrates long, steady runs with shorter speed sessions, cross training and much needed rest, so too a successful PR strategy should integrate social media and digital content with traditional media relations and sometimes even paid-for activity.

Remember and follow this six-point plan and you’ll hopefully have the form, technique and energy to deliver a successful public relations campaign.

And don’t forget to take time to enjoy the results. Just as I’ll hopefully wear my marathon medal with pride, make sure your PR clients understand and appreciate the value of the results you deliver for their business.

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Awards – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

17th February 2022 by Rachael Bruce

Adele stole the show at The Brits, the Grammy Week schedule has just been announced and a trio of women is set to host this year’s Oscars.

It’s true to say awards season is now in full swing.

For us that means identifying awards for clients to enter and drafting submissions on their behalf.

While industry and business awards may not have quite the same level of glamour as their entertainment equivalents, they’re a chance to shine the spotlight on your success and achievements.

Here are just a few reasons why entering awards can be good PR:

  • Validation – being recognised by a panel of judges or industry experts demonstrates that you’re among the best at what you do. It helps benchmark your product, service, strategy, or policy.
  • Pride – awards encourage people to take pride in their work, knowing that they’re being judged or assessed. They can also help attract new recruits who want to work for an award-winning business.
  • Good news – making the shortlist or, even better, winning is a positive and gives you something to shout about in all of your marketing, including PR, with the bonus of having an external accreditation.
  • Celebration – whether you’ve simply been nominated, have made the shortlist or have been tipped off that you’ve won, everyone loves an excuse to let their hair down and party!

While other PR agencies may boast about holding awards for their own efforts, at Active PR we’d much rather champion the achievements of our clients instead of shouting about our own successes.

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