What makes a good press release?

11th April 2023 by Natalie Tomlinson

Writing a press release may seem like a simple task but, with today’s mix of news sites, online magazines, blogs, hyperlocal websites and printed press, it can be difficult to get your pitch just right.

Working in PR, we’ve learnt a few things along the way…

  • First and foremost, what is it you want to say? And what is the most interesting angle of your story? Balancing these is key to a successful media release.
  • Don’t forget to include the six ‘Ws’ in your write up… who, what, where, why, when and how.
  • Stay relevant. Don’t send out a press release with places to visit over the Easter break – after the Easter break has finished. Or a release about a shop launch that happened three weeks ago. A press release should be as up to date as possible and ideally issued in advance, if your news is time sensitive. You can always add an embargo if you would like it to be published after a certain date.
  • Keep it simple. A well written, informative press release is music to every journalist’s ears. Ensure your writing is free from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors (like capped up letters when not needed) and jargon. Get straight to the point. Journalists don’t have the time to read through a three-page press release. Include the most relevant information first as you have a good chance of the rest being cut.
  • Pick a perfect picture. A good press release can be transformed into a great one with eye-catching photography. No blurred or dark images and avoid big group shots with no one looking at the camera – they will not be used. We always advise our clients to invest in a good photographer. 
  • Choose your audience. We work across all industries, but we wouldn’t send an accounting article to a construction industry magazine. Pull together a list of publications and carefully decide where you want to send your press release.

Which follows on nicely to… contacts. Here at Active PR, we are a team of former journalists. We have excellent contacts at media outlets across the country. We work to maintain two-way relationships and always strive to provide the right stories at the right time.  

If you want an experienced team to create professional press releases for your brand, we can help you, just get in touch!

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