Why should your business be using LinkedIn?

17th April 2024 by Natalie Tomlinson

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. According to www.statista.com its users in the UK are on the up, growing from 39.2 million in November 2023 to 39.7 million in January 2024*.

LinkedIn is a great platform to raise your personal profile, allowing members to connect, build a professional network and share content. But it is also a very powerful tool for businesses.

Let us tell you why…

  • Shout it from the rooftops

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your business… to the world of business. Sharing not only your news, but also your connections. Been for a coffee with your accountant (post about it and tag them); gained a new client (post about it and tag them); want to thank your printers for a good job (I think you get it now!).  

  • Drive traffic back to your website

If you’re updating your website on a regular basis with news, blogs, events etc then why not let everyone know? Post a small snippet on LinkedIn with a link back to the full details on your website. Driving traffic back! This is also a good time to remind you… don’t forget to add your web address to your page.

  • Hiring?

LinkedIn allows you to post job adverts. And don’t forget even if you haven’t used the platform for hiring purposes it will be one of the first places a potential employee will look for further information on your business. Another reason to keep all your details up to date.

Leading into…

  •  Connect with your employees

Ask your team to add your business to their employment status so anyone searching for your business can see your team members… putting faces to the names is always a plus! It’s also a good idea to ask your team to share your news and updates with their network.

  •  And finally…

Don’t rush your posts. Plan them and, most importantly, don’t just post for the sake of it. Your content should either engage, entertain, educate or inspire. Add as much value as you can to each post to drive interactions.

Social media is one of our fortes and we help clients across all sectors to engage on social media. So if you would like a hand then drop us a message – you can find us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

* UK: LinkedIn users 2024 | Statista

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